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Idea Pipeline is a streamlined online tool for company staff to transparently contribute and crowdsource valuable ideas.

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Human Resource Director

As a 15-year company veteran, Helena, the company’s HR director has a new set of challenges she never saw coming from the pandemic: juggling people’s emotions and keeping remote staff connected, all while staying on top of her regular recruitment and retainment work.

With new challenges come new opportunities. How can the company take advantage of the new business environment? How does the company continue to keep the team engaged? “We need to tap into the team’s ideas to improve our business, but I just don’t have time for this.”


Shop Foreman II

Clark has been with the company just a few years now and quickly risen to Shop Foreman II. Work has been very hectic, even more than it once was. Customers have a new set of issues and Clark feels they need to find new opportunities to help them. But he doesn’t hold a lot of hope for fast change.

“I’ve shared suggestions before but they just get lost in the Bermuda Triangle. My boss will steal my good ideas anyways.”

Streamline initiatives and idea collection

With Idea Pipeline, Helena can set-up a simple challenge to help staff focus to solve a targeted issue. Challenges provides for timely participation and targeted engagement of idea suggestions and development.

Rather than a general suggestion box, Helena gives clarity to the team of what is expected of them for timely participation. Idea Pipeline guides Helena to easily and quickly create an effective challenge.

Collaborative participation

Clark’s favorite part of Idea Pipeline is how he can transparently see everyone’s ideas. Clark has a chance to be active adding his own thoughts and perspectives and give a “thumbs up” to the ideas he really likes. This gave him confidence ahead of posting his own suggestion.

No ideas or activity is hidden from anyone. Everyone can see which ideas have the most support amongst peers and those that didn’t garner attention.

Clark is collaborating with colleagues he’s never met before. It makes the suggestions come alive. He likes the common purpose felt amongst everyone. Now Clark knows what happened to his ideas and which ones are actually going to be acted on.

Focused groups and crowdsource activity

No need for Helena to “boil the ocean” and make her life any harder. There are many talented people in the company to help! Helena can create a challenge focused on a specific department and enlist other “idea managers” to help review ideas and encourage participation.

With Idea Pipeline, everyone shares the load and the best ideas bubble up to the top. Top ideas are ‘endorsed’ to move towards implementation and stakeholders can be assigned to further develop the idea.

Share new ideas anytime, anywhere

“My best ideas come to me outside of work”. Clark frequently has his light bulb moments when he is walking his dog Millie. In the midst of a busy workday there is no time for Eureka moments plus he doesn’t have an assigned desk anyways.

With Idea Pipeline, Clark can post ideas to a challenge on his mobile whenever the inspiration strikes. Whether it’s commuting on a train or off on a hike, Idea Pipeline is fully effective on mobile devices.

Make me look good

It’s important for Helena to offer her leadership team visibility to the ideas discovered, continuous improvement progress and how the employees engaged in the process.

Idea Pipeline provides Helena engagement metrics and high-level summary reports and graphs.

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