Backstories – Idea Pipeline

Helena’s Story

Role: HR Director It was a phone call from one of our newer employees that did it. I’m a 15-year veteran of our company. I’ve risen from the ranks of HR Generalist to Director of a small team with far reaching influence. We’re by all measures successful; defying the odds, expanding markets and offices around […]

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Clark’s Story

Role: Shop Foreman II “No, I don’t have a photographic memory.” I was tired of getting that question from new colleagues though what really annoyed me was hearing managers talk about my “magical” ability to know where everything is and when something in the warehouse workflow wasn’t quite right.  I wanted to tell this new […]

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Terry’s Story

Role: Department Manager “Yeah, Terry, I have a question.  Why are you always trying to make things better?” As someone still considered new to the company, yet certainly experienced optimizing warehouse and manufacturing floor operations, that was a question I had not heard before. Isn’t everyone looking for ways to improve how we operate? Wasn’t […]

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