Pricing – Idea Pipeline

Pricing to align with your goals


Unlimited number of people to participate & contribute.

Pricing plans primary meter is the total accumulated number of valid ideas maintained in your system (not including inappropriate, not accepted or deleted ideas)

We feel the value we provide you is the ideas you uncover, not the number of people using the system. You never know where and when a great idea will emerge. Pricing by idea volume allows you to grow as our value to you grows


20 total ideas Unlimited Users

Free No credit card required


200 total ideas Unlimited users

$175 monthly $1,925 annually


750 total ideas Unlimited Users SAML/Active Directory

$635 monthly $6,985 annually


2,500 total ideas Unlimited Users SAML/Active Directory

$1,790 monthly $19,690 annually


10,000 total ideas Unlimited Users SAML/Active Directory

$3,635 monthly $39,875 annually

Curious how Idea Pipeline can streamline your team’s collaboration, ideation, and bring more transparency to the process?

Functionality for all plans

  • Custom branding for your organization. Your company logo will appear on top of the page!
  • Seamless mobile and desktop experience. Web-based software as a service, no need to download an app! Simple to access anytime from anywhere where you have internet access.
  • Idea Pipeline is a software as a service (SaaS), and your implementation is hosted on our secure servers.


We’re self-serve to let you get up and going without salespeople on top of you. We’re designed so you can have your first challenge operational within your first 5 minutes. Is that fast enough?!
You’ll also have access to the new customer quick-steps information as well as our customer success team.

We are a service to help you engage your staff and uncover valuable ideas. If we metered the service by users, customers may limit the number of people who may provide valuable ideas. We want you to let anyone you want to be able to participate. Over time, as you collect ideas from across the organization, our value grows as well as your ability to gain insights through idea contribution and activity analysis. Pay for what you actually create not for what you are sold as a possibility.

We hope you’ll find great ideas in your organization and we’ll help you grow only when you need to. No worries, we’ll let you know well ahead of reaching your plan limit.

If you do reach your plan limit, you still have total access to Idea Pipeline. This enables you to see challenge results, endorsed ideas and all historical ideas as well as all your analytic reports. You will just be unable to add more ideas.

Our plans are primarily charged via credit card with all major card brands being accepted.

For larger annual purchases in our Bloom and Blossom plans, it is also possible to separately agree on other forms of payment, such as via invoice.