Product – Idea Pipeline

Idea Pipeline is a streamlined online tool for company staff to transparently contribute and crowdsource valuable ideas

Grow Ideas from farm to table using Idea Pipeline

Cultivate ideas with engaging Challenges

  • Challenges motivate people to solve specific issues
  • Create an urgency for participation
  • Challenge a specific team or your entire organization
  • Empower individuals and teams to speak up!

Nurture idea activity

  • Post Ideas quickly and easily
  • Mobile or desktop enabled
  • Like and comments on ideas to provide feedback and discussion
  • Follow ideas and watch them grow
  • Inspire creativity from building off other ideas

Harvest the best Ideas

  • Top ideas rise to the top from crowdsourced activity
  • The best ideas advance towards implementation
  • Stakeholders turn ideas into reality
  • Move idea through process towards implementation
  • Build trust through process transparency

See how Idea Pipeline can help your team share their ideas. Start your free trial today, no payment required.