Product – Idea Pipeline

Idea Pipeline is a streamlined online tool for company staff to transparently contribute and crowdsource valuable ideas

It can be overwhelming managing an improvement process and responding to everyone’s ideas.

Have you ever received too many suggestions around different topics that you aren’t ready to focus on?

Challenge initiatives and target groups help you keep it simple and focus on specific departments and ideas

Go beyond a general suggestion box approach and help people to communicate the value of their ideas to address business needs.

Idea Pipeline utilizes ‘challenges’ to help participants focus

  • The questions you want people to answer
  • Provides background information to the subject matter
  • Sets the expectation for timely participation
  • All ideas are posted to a challenge where other participants can “endorse”, “like”, and “comment”
  • Participants can be selected from specific departments
  • Enlist other managers to lead their own challenges to address specific issues or opportunities

Do people expect you’ll respond to each of their ideas and give them personal attention?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the additional volume of work?

Crowdsource the review and selection effort. Everyone shares the load that will bubble up valuable ideas.

  • Idea Pipeline distributes the Idea Management process across numerous people
  • Use the idea management section to manage ideas quickly and easily
  • Idea managers can encourage participation and review inappropriate ideas

Does your leadership team understand the bigger picture of the engagement and improvement process?

Summarize employee engagement metrics and ideas uncovered to your leadership team – Let’s make you look good!

  • Idea Pipeline generates high-level summary reports and graphs
  • Participation analysis
  • Idea managers can review inappropriate ideas
  • Month over month engagement trends
  • Submission rate by challenge categories

See how Idea Pipeline keeps management simple and how easy it is to create a focused challenge, start for free now. (ps… no credit card required)

Is your staff concerned if you ask for suggestions but don’t respond, you’ll be doing more harm than good?

Are staff concerned about their ideas going into a black hole?

Transparently see initiative progress and results, celebrate and reward wins!

  • With Idea pipeline no idea or activity is hidden from participants
  • See which ideas garner the most support among peers
  • Idea authors receive notifications on likes, comments and the status of their ideas

Do your employees work outside of an office environment?

Do ideas come to people outside of work?

Simple, quick ability to capture and share ideas where you are, when you are, at a mobile or desktop!

  • Out on the manufacturing floor or commuting on a train, Idea Pipeline is fully effective on mobile devices
  • Staff can easily participate at any time when the moment strikes
  • Managers may review tasks at their desk or on the road

Do your employees have trust to initially share their ideas and their voice?

Encourage employees to interact with other ideas, ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ are welcomed!

  • People can participate in the process before they post any ideas
  • Crowdsourcing idea activity is what helps bubble up the most valuable ideas
  • Teammates are empowered to comment and add perspective on ideas close to them
  • Idea voting via likes may be used to endorse winning ideas
  • Challenge managers can manually endorse winning ideas (optional setting)
  • Idea stakeholders can help turn ideas into products, services or processes

See how Idea Pipeline can help your team share their ideas. Start your free trial today, no payment required.